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MONS Partners LLC. (“MONS”) is jointly owned by its Management Team, founded by Investor and Entrepreneur Peter Ashton. Our Managing Partners bring decades of independent experience in building and investing in companies, achieving success across various business sectors. What sets us apart is our entrepreneurial mindset, flexible investment approach, global relationships, value creation capabilities, unwavering integrity, Christian beliefs, and a commitment to long-term investments. Led by a team of skilled entrepreneurs, operators, investors, and consultants, we possess extensive knowledge and relationships spanning the globe—from Dublin to Durban, Minneapolis to Manila, Pakistan to Poland, and Chile to China. Our focus is to apply our business acumen and leverage our extensive global contacts to channel knowledge and value. Comprising internationally recognized strategists, our company taps into a global network of influential individuals—energetic, high-net-worth movers and shakers. We acquire companies we believe are either underperforming or positioned for significant growth, aiming for enduring relationships with existing management. Our Dedicated Team with Decades of Expertise leverages over 200 years of collective experience, along with valuable access to relationships and market intelligence, to help our targeted portfolio companies create value. We understand the immense sacrifice, persistence, courage, and vision required to build a company that truly matters. Focusing on Accelerating Growth in Industrial, Manufacturing, & Financial Services, we invest in companies with proven product-market fit and robust revenue growth. For us, this typically entails businesses with at least $5 million or more in annualized revenue, demonstrating compelling returns.


MONS Partners’ investment process involves rigorous due diligence, comprehensive market analysis and a focus on identifying unique and innovative business opportunities with significant potential for growth



We typically acquire 100% of the company's assets. We are open to other minority investors (including seller's equity) with a clear path to buyout.

  • We take a very long term perspective on growing value. Most of our acquisitions are "permanent" holdings, with no plans for sale in the near or medium term.

  • We seek to preserve the legacy and strengths of acquired businesses while being transparent with the seller, management, and employees of the business regarding our plans post-close.

  • We add value through new capital, technology, industry relationships, and process improvements. We also pursue add-on acquisitions to develop more mature organizations with increasing value to the marketplace.

  • We strive to be fair to all parties involved in a transaction.


Our capital is supplied by a single source, which provides us with certain differentiators.

  • Flexible as it relates to time horizon and deal structure.

    • We prefer and assume a long-term holding period for our acquisitions but are also opportunistic with our exits.

    • We work with the seller to negotiate seller financing, bank financing, buyout structures, etc., suitable to the deal.

  • Ability to act quickly and always with discretion. We have few operational bottlenecks to getting a deal done quickly.

  • Our diverse operational experience in manufacturing, transportation, global business, health care, and IT provide an advantage over other financial buyers in increasing the value of our portfolio companies.


We are seeking to acquire stable, profitable businesses with the following characteristics:

  • EBITDA $500k to $3M

  • Revenues $2M to $15M

  • Strong management team

  • Great reputation

  • Established senior executive in place (or one can be identified before closing)

  • No specific industry focus, but manufacturing, business services, and Industrial, are of interest.

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