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Investing strategically in recession-resistant assets fosters stability and resilience, providing a robust foundation during economic downturns. Access to liquidity enhances flexibility and agility, enabling timely responses to evolving market conditions.

MONS Liquidity Process

Every investor has encountered a scenario where they transition from being an "active investor" to a "not active" one due to a lack of access to their funds, leading to a liquidity challenge. MONS actively addresses this issue by offering multiple liquidity programs to investors, ensuring they can consistently remain actively engaged in their investments while having access to liquid capital on a regular basis. MONS provides 100% access to investor funds through various intervals, including every 48-72 hours, every 7-10 days, monthly, every 6 months, and annually. This approach empowers investors with the flexibility to manage their investments based on their individual preferences and needs.

Liquidity is a crucial aspect of investing as it enables investors to access the wealth they've built. If a substantial portion of your assets is tied up in long-term or highly illiquid investments, you might face challenges in obtaining cash when needed. This lack of liquidity can significantly diminish your ability to seize investment opportunities that may arise. Therefore, a prudent investment strategy should incorporate the maintenance of a certain level of liquidity.

Having readily accessible funds provides several advantages:

1. Seizing Opportunities: Liquidity allows you to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities promptly. Whether it's a sudden market dip, a promising business venture, or a strategic acquisition, having liquid assets enables you to act swiftly and capitalize on favorable conditions.

2. Managing Financial Needs: Unexpected financial needs or emergencies can arise, and having liquid assets ensures that you can meet these obligations without having to sell long-term investments at potentially unfavorable prices.

3. Diversification: Maintaining liquidity supports a diversified investment portfolio. It allows you to allocate funds to various asset classes, including those with different risk profiles and time horizons. Diversification can help manage risk and enhance overall portfolio resilience.

4. Market Volatility: In periods of market volatility, having liquid assets provides a cushion. You can use available funds to navigate turbulent market conditions, potentially taking advantage of buying opportunities or avoiding forced selling at unfavorable times.

5. Flexibility in Financial Planning: Liquidity enhances your ability to adapt to changes in your financial goals and life circumstances. Whether it's buying a home, funding education, or planning for retirement, having liquid assets offers flexibility in aligning your investments with your evolving needs.

6. Reducing Forced Sales: Without adequate liquidity, investors may be forced to sell assets at inopportune times or accept lower prices to meet immediate cash needs. Maintaining liquidity helps mitigate the risk of forced sales.

Balancing liquidity with long-term investments is a key consideration in developing an effective investment strategy. The specific level of liquidity needed varies based on individual financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon. Striking the right balance ensures that you are well-positioned to navigate various market conditions and capitalize on opportunities while maintaining financial stability.

Access to your money 

Riverfront Limited

48hr-72hr Liquidity

  • 7 year annual return history 

    • 48.32% 

  • 7 year monthly return history

    • 3.34%

  • 7 year annual Sharpe ratio history

    • 6.63

Riverfront Limited – an Isle of Man (“IOM”) company is a Software Company offering a proprietary FX algorithm developed and designed to spot trade three primary currencies. These currencies include the Euro, US Dollar and Japanese Yen, and the algorithm intends to realize a gain from the trading. 

  • Self-Directed Manage Account.

  • Investors own brokerage account.

  • Investors grant authority for Riverfront to trade the cash that is in the brokerage account

  • No money enters or leaves the account 

  • No lock up period

  • No Management Fee

  • High watermark 

  • Performance fee only


TOG Futures Fund I

15-30 day Liquidity 

Target Returns:

  • Zero Lockup  

  • Zero Management Fees

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Monthly Liquidity


The TOG Futures Fund trades across four markets:


• Major Index: S&P / Nasdaq
• Metals: Gold / Silver/ Copper
• Energy: Crude Oil / Natural Gas
• Agri: Corn / Soybean / Wheat / Live Cattle / Hogs 

TOG Capital Management, LLC, is Registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Commodity Trading Advisor ("CTA"), NFA ID# 0545539. 

TOG’s exclusive propriety technology: 

  • Built on hundreds of millions of data points, patterns are identified, and forward patterns are predicted using machine learning. 

  • Various cycles build on one another in multiples (Harmonic). 

  • Multiple cycles often occur in a row (Summation). 

  • Patterns across several time frames increase predictability. 

  • Dynamic risk management enhances risk-adjusted returns.

  • The TOG Futures Fund employs its powerful predictive technology (FLOW) in tandem with proprietary money management tools to optimize returns. 

Cask Strength Asset Management 

6 -12+ month Liquidity 

Constantly returns backed by hard assets.
Quarterly Dividends

  • Deep Domain Experience. 

  • High Return on Investment. 

  • Stability and Consistency. 

  • Economic Market Resilience. 

  • Loss Protection. 

  • Regulated Industry. 


Cask Strength Asset Management LLC is a alternative investment opportunity where we are able to acquire appreciating assets, barrels of whiskey and tequila, at a discount and store them for various periods of time. We then sell them to produce substantial returns over a consistent time continuum.

  • CS has established relationships with two volume bourbon brokers capable of supplying 50k-60k barrels of ready-to-age bourbon in the first 12 months.

  • Cask Strength has pre-PO relationships with bourbon distilleries, capable of supplying similar amounts of bourbon over our subsequent years of operations.

  • Cask Strength has an exclusive partnership with a tequila producer capable of aging thousands of barrels of tequila at a time and selling them to other tequila producers and to individual tequila brands.

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