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Latin mōns (“mountain”)

pronounced "Mähns"

Mons Partners is a privately held holding company specializing in strategic acquisitions. Our name, derived from the Latin word "mōns," meaning "mountain," embodies our commitment to reaching new heights in business excellence.


Pronounced "Mähns," we prioritize transparency and operate with unwavering trust and integrity. Our ethos revolves around fostering valuable relationships within our extensive global network, facilitating unique and enduring partnerships. 


At Mons Partners, our mission is clear: to deliver exceptional commercial solutions. We achieve this by leveraging our profound global business expertise, extensive international connections, and acute business acumen. By promoting multinational collaboration and facilitating international business ventures, we aim to ignite superior commercial performance. Our success lies in our ability to connect the right people and organizations, driving mutual prosperity and growth.


Our acquisition strategy revolves around four key areas:


1. “In Transition” Disruption & Reconstruction:

We target traditional industry sectors undergoing significant transformation, poised for disruption.


2. Unique Talent:

Our focus is on identifying globally minded founders and "imagineers" who are committed to driving substantial change within their industry and beyond.


3. Overlooked/Unpopular:

We seek opportunities in industries that may be considered "unsexy," yet hold the potential for revitalization or disruption, guided by visionary leadership.


4. Scalable Opportunity:

 We pinpoint companies making a profound local impact and possess the scalability to address substantial challenges with comprehensive solutions on a larger scale.

"Creating something of lasting significance, enduring for a century, demands both patience and partnerships.”

Experienced and Active Partners

The Managing Partners at MONS boast a collective three decades of expertise in constructing, advising, and investing in early and growth stage companies. Having directly collaborated with over 100 companies, our team brings a wealth of experience to the table.

With thirty years of business management and investment know-how, we understand the inherent challenges that companies encounter during the scaling process. In support of our CEOs and entrepreneurs, we leverage the distinctive resources offered by our global platform and network of strategic partnerships.

Our Thinking 


Entrepreneurs seek investors who truly understand their business. To achieve this, we embrace a top-down investment approach, identifying sector themes and assessing their potential impact on the market.


We meticulously evaluate each investment opportunity, balancing company-specific dynamics and market cycles against the broader context of our portfolio construction.


Our platform offers value-added services aimed at facilitating the growth of our portfolio companies. This includes support in scaling operations, such as international expansion and refining go-to-market strategies, assistance in talent recruitment for management and board positions, and guidance in navigating the capital markets, including raising capital and preparing for an IPO.


The MONS Partners platform facilitates information flow and leverages a vast network of relationships, delivering value throughout the entire investor lifecycle, from sourcing and investing to eventual exit strategies.

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